Radian - HVAC Contractors in Bangalore

Radian Engineering Solution is one of the best HVAC Contractors in Bangalore, we provide turnkey solution for Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning.


Our HVAC contractors in Bangalore have handful of experience in many business structures such as Industrial / Pharmaceutical / Health Care / Commercial / IT / Institutional / Banks / Hotels / Residential worked with High Profile clients and successfully maintaining good relationship with our clients and we are taking care of all their service needs.

Why Radian for HVAC Contractors in Bangalore?

We are into the HVAC contracting about 2 decades we are providing services to almost all kind of HVAC needs in and around the Bangalore whether it is Cooling or Heating or Ventilation. Our company is known for its quality of works and we complete the assigned work within the deadline. We are Having Experienced Engineers for all kinds of HVAC needs from 1TR to 100TR projects and Beyond that also available to take. Our company takes Projects from all over South India and we are planning for PAN India presence with the quality of services. Radian Engineering is by far the best HVAC Contractors in Bangalore.

Services by Radian – HVAC Contractors in Bangalore

Central HVAC 

Radian deals with both Air cooled and Water cooled chillers from top vendors in the market. For the Commercial and Industrial space having experienced engineers to design the space beautifully with refrigeration up to 700TR apart from that, we are dealing with the best quality of duct makers with different materials available as per requirement and we are having reliable Air Handling Units chosen from the huge market. Our after sales service is provided by well experienced and trained technicians and we will provide an attractive Annual Maintenance contract(AMC) schemes for our projects as well as other projects.

Packaged HVAC 

Radian deals with Packaged HVAC systems is one of the most popular kinds of HVAC systems in a medium sized Commercial complex in cities like Bangalore and Chennai which are individually controlled by respected block users, unlike Central AC. The Tonnage in Packaged HVAC systems ranges from 3TR to 22TR. We are having different vendors of packaged units. Another advantage of a packaged unit over central AC is as it creates less noise over Central ones.

VRV & VRF AC Systems 

HVAC contractors in Bangalore, Radian, provide the best in class installation and service in Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) or Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) air conditioning which is very popular in between where ductible systems will fail as it requires lower maintenance and less space comparatively Central and packaged.

Split AC Systems

Radian Contractors provides installation of vast varieties of vendors in AC installation and after sales services. Split AC dominates in Retail and Domestic usage as per the requirement and we are providing after sales service Annual Maintenance Contract with discounted rates.

Ventilation Systems 

Radian contractors have experienced engineers and workers to provide Ventilation for Cellars, Underground parking, and Electrical systems. Nowadays Constructions are going deeper inside from the level of ground and we are utilizing that space for Parking and Electrical needs as the space is under the floor level there will be generating large amount of heat for that purpose we are into the Ventilation business with good quality of Blower available in the market and with world-class ducting works.

Hospital/Pharma HVAC/Clean Room 

Radian HVAC Contractors in Bangalore is well known for its quality of services and installations of HVAC systems. We are into Cleanroom business as well as HVAC where care must be taken to not enter outside dust particles into the manufacturing space and to maintain a sterile environment where uttermost care must be taken which is the key terms of a Pharma Manufacturing Company.

Cold Rooms 

Radian Contractors Bangalore has installed cold rooms in most of the hotels in Bangalore as per client requirement, Cold rooms are the vital part of the Hotels to store all cooked, Raw and milk products are stored, we are having well experienced cold room manufacturers.