Radian - Industrial and Home Automation Service Providers in Bangalore

Radian Engineering Solutions is one of the best Industrial and Home Automation Service Providers in Bangalore, Earlier from a decade we are into this Industrial and home Automation business we have a successful client relationship in developing and installing automated devices in Industrial as well as Home Automation.


Our clients in Automated Systems are very much satisfied. The industries we served are Hospitals, Warehouses, Bank, Apartments, Departmental stores, Automobiles, Educational Institutions, Offices, Hazardous Industries and R&D Centers.

Why Radian for Industrial and Home Automation Service Providers in Bangalore?

In the 21st century, the fastest growing technology is Automation and Radian expertise in Automation in almost any industry/home. Everyone in this world wants to complete the work without much effort for this Automation kicks in and we provide Automation at any place if the requirement is there. Nowadays everything becomes smarter from Smartphone to Smartwatch, Smart Village to Smart City and Smart Home to Smart Office. Yes, you heard right we Radian Engineering will provide world-class top Automation products which can make home/Office/vehicle smarter and we are by far the best Industrial and Home Automation Service Providers in Bangalore.

Radian Engineering – Automation Systems Bangalore

Home Automation 

Radian Industrial and Home Automation Service Providers in Bangalore provides segment-leading Automation services from top leading OEM manufacturers, now it’s the time to unleash the power of automation and to change your home to smart home by adding industry-leading automation services to your home. presently we are dealing with all kinds of automation works for home as per requirement.

Lighting Control Automation

Radian has been working in this Automation field from past a decade and has successfully completed top-level projects with the integration of lights and automation and maintaining good relations with them and providing top class industry leading service to them. Radian provides sensor-based lighting, entertainment-based lighting, laser type lights, music based lighting almost for any type of automation in lighting. please contact us now.

Entertainment Automation Systems

Radian designs best in class home entertainment systems which come with the integration of all Audio, Video, Visible, Invisible, wired and wireless systems and knows how to integrate all this to work from a single system. Radian provides control systems to manage your Media systems, Home Theatre, Music and television from a single system we have gathered not only the trust of our customers but also their love for providing services and superior quality.

Industrial Automation

Radian is a leader of advanced automation that provides a comprehensive range of products and solutions for plant automation, intelligent public works, and industrial equipment. A team of qualified & Expert control Engineers, Skilled & Experienced technicians, Excellent business relations & Associations not only with the clients but also with many reputed Manufacturers of Instruments & Control Systems which makes Radian a top choice for Automation based works.

Hotel Automation

Radian Industrial and Home Automation Service Providers in Bangalore provides the best Automation interference which gives hotel owners to provide the convenience of providing multiple functions in their room including light controls, temperature adjustment, and audio/video systems control using automated systems. Radian has different Automation service needs specially designed for hotel needs.