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Radian Engineering Solutions is One of the top LED lights Dealers in Bangalore. We deals in wide range of Multi Brand LED lights

LED lights Traders in Bangalore

For various uses in different structures Industrial /pharmaceutical / Health Care / Commercial / IT / Retail / Institutional / Banks / Hotels / Residential. We are currently into LED light business according to your needs.

Why Radian for LED lights Suppliers in Bangalore?

We deals in huge quantity of LED lights for different kinds of purposes such as for Party lights, street lights, retail lights, board lights etc., As we deal with a huge quantity of lights the price difference will vary from regular dealer from others and we have wide variety kind of lights of different uses and we will provide after-sales support for the products we sell. We are by far the best-LED lights Suppliers in Bangalore.

Various types of LED lights available with Radian Engineering Solutions Bangalore

Directional – Reflector Led Lamps

To light up a large area with directional bulbs, reflector LED lamps are the best solution available. Reflector LED lamps used to light the area in uniform beam pattern with less energy consumption. It is good to use storerooms where goods and material are used to store which are sensitive to UV light emission.

Conversion Kits & Downlights

Conversion kits and down-lights are dimmable units and provide very sophisticated lighting. It comes with the professional and sleek design to suit perfectly for your working environment. They can be easily converted to your own choice of required size 4”, 5” and 6”. It is easy to fix them on the wall.

LED Spot Lights

Different sizes of LED spots are present in the market space to offer the best lighting solution to reach up to the customer’s requirement. LED spots are good for space which requires bright as well as longer lifespan. LED spots are very much useful to individuals who own big Retail showrooms. It will help them to spot out their particular products to attract more customers.

LED candle bulb

Another different kind type of LED bulbs across the market is LED candle bulb. We all like dim and warm heat light of the candle, but of course it only lasts for less than a day. LED candles are used for decorative purpose mostly in a different manner that lasts for a really long time. Many of our customers like to install them in the garden, on the ceiling of the entrance area of their home. They are available in a wide range of different colors and shape.

LED corn bulbs

LED corn bulbs look like their name from their look like an ear of corn. Besides that, it contains very small LED lights set together for bright light. This is the best option of LED lighting for people who would like to opt out for energy efficient and low maintenance LED light. Its average lifespan is more than 36 months.

LED-G (Globe) bulbs

The LED-G bulb is the best alternative LED candle light. LED-G lights are suitable for bathroom strip light glowing, chandeliers and ceiling fans. These bulbs are dimmable light and help to reduce the consumption of electricity.

R7S LED Lamp

R7S LED lamps are linear shape lamp that is mainly used as outdoor floodlights, landscape lights, security lights, parking lights as well as decorative lights and indoor flood. They come in different sizes such as 78mm, 118mm, 189mm, 254mm, 333mm with different wattage.

LED tubes

LED tubes are slimmer and shorter than regular fluorescent tube lights. It is easy to install and handle and do not produce too much heat. It is useful to use in big conference rooms, offices and even at home. It is eco-friendly and has a much longer life than regular tube lights. Also, it does not radiate any of the UV rays.

LED panel light

LED panel lights are high grade indoor light lamps. These Lights are made of aluminum alloy with anodic oxidation process. It has a simple design and appearance with different illumination effects. It comes with different wattage like 12W, 18W, 21W, 36W, 48W, 72W, and 85W. It illuminates your home for longer life. It is easy to install.

LED Track lights

Track lights are used to light big hall/open Space with light without much wiring many lights. One single track has more than one LED lights that look very attractive and modern that stylish right in every single room of your home. You will find out the different shape, size, and colors of LED track lights available with us. Track light providers also we customize it as per the need of yours. The track is made from of copper rails that help to attached LED bulbs at the position we need.

LED flat-tubes

LED flat-tubes are useful for showcases and display cases. LED flat-tube comes with the two different sizes of 30 cm and 50 cm. LED is made from the Small LEDs which are connected to the aluminum plate. It is simple and sleek which is easy to install to save energy. It has typically long lifespan based on the number of a LED miniature.

LED industrial high bay lights

High bay lights are used in industries and have to be more durable and long lasting. To minimize the power cost Across industries, mainly switching to high bay lights. It is available in different size and shape as per customer’s need.

LED stage lights

LED stage lights come in mainly three kinds as PAR cans, striplights and ‘moving head’ types. They fulfill the need of all kind of stage lighting need for all kind of celebration.

LED Floodlight

 LED flood lights offer bright white light with less electricity use that spread with a broad angle. It is useful to install in playgrounds, perimeters of houses, warehouses, theaters,  and stadiums. It is brighter than CFL or halogen. It is reliable, budget-friendly and long-lasting.

LED Streetlight

LED Street light is one of the best innovations we have to offer society. Whether it is your street or highway, LED street lights fulfill the requirements with easy installation, bright light, and energy efficient. It comes in different size as per the requirement and shape. It really lasts long up to a decade so to reduce the cost factor for the government.