Radian Security System Dealers in Bangalore

Radian Engineering Solutions is one of the best security system dealers in Bangalore, We provide best in class security and safety products. In security we deals with CCTV cameras, surveillance systems, Fire/Smoke & Burglar Alarms, Access Control & Attendance Systems and In safety Fire Extinguisher & Fire Safety Products.


Our clients in safety and Security are very much satisfied. The industries we served are Hospitals, Warehouses, Bank, Apartments, Departmental stores, Educational Institutions, Offices, Hazardous Industries and R&D Centers.

Why Radian for Safety & Security System Dealers in Bangalore?

Radian is known for its excellence, we provide world-class products and brands filtered from many brands and products and we provide excellent after sales support and AMC also available for regular maintenance of your safety and security systems.

Radian Engineering – Safety and Security System Dealers in Bangalore

CCTV cameras

Radian safety and security system dealers in Bangalore have a wide variety of CCTV options of hand-picked brands and models CCTV cameras and Combo available as per security and safety needs. Nowadays thefts and burglars are increased at Offices as well as homes are not safe, we need to secure our surroundings by choosing right security system as per need required.

Access Control systems 

Radian safety and security system dealers in Bangalore deal with different kinds of Access Control systems that can be used in offices, Banks, and Lockers. Maintaining record and maintaining secure access lockers are risky but with the help of our top in class products such as Access control, Door access control, Face Recognition etc., many products are available according to your needs.

Attendance Maintaining Systems 

Radian, one of the best, security system dealers in Bangalore provides and maintain service of your products, for a company maintaining Attendance is must and should, as at the end of the month HR needs to create record of their employees whereas in manual attendance there may be possibility of invalid entries by employee that’s why Radian provides world-class attendance systems which can take attendance while Entering and leaving office premises which makes perfect attendance record.

Alarm Systems 

Alarms play a key role in both Safety and Security of your secure premises, For that purpose we provide a wide variety of sensors are available for different kind of needs such as Fire, Smoke, Heat, Motion Sensors which can be coupled to Hooters, Sirens, and speakers.

Fire Extinguisher & Fire Safety Products 

Radian deals with top chemical companies which provide top-class safety fire extinguisher products. Nowadays the government also mandates keeping of safety devices in office premises. Now only we provide fire extinguishers also we provide Annual Maintenance of the Fire extinguishers.