Radian - Solar Water Geyser Manufacturers, Suppliers and Traders in Bangalore

Radian Engineering Solution is one of the best Solar Water Geyser Manufacturers in Bangalore, we provide Solar Heaters for both Industrial and Domestic use and have handful of experience in many business structures.

SOLAR WATER GEYSER Traders in Bangalore

We Manufacture Solar Geyser for Industrial / Pharmaceutical / Health Care / Commercial / IT / Institutional /Hotels / Residential worked with High Profile clients and successfully maintaining good relationship with our clients and we are taking care of all their service needs.

Why Radian for Solar Water Geyser Suppliers in Bangalore?

Radian Solar Water manufacturers give a commitment to quality, excellence at every stage which made us receive the prestigious An ISO 9001:2008 Company certification for quality systems. We have qualified trained technicians & a service department that happily continues to contribute to the growth of our company, by Accelerating the growth of satisfied users and are by far the best Solar Water Geyser Suppliers in Bangalore.

Radian –  Solar Water Geyser Traders in Bangalore

Domestic Solar Water Heating Systems

Radian Solar Heaters have had traditionally open circuit water heating systems in the market. The cold water is input in a collector having copper pipes with fins. As the water heats, it rises and collects in the tank for distribution. Water quality being very harsh, as it gets heated and rises it leaves salt deposition on the capillaries and Choking them in some time. This result a choked system, which stops functioning but Radian Solar Geysers pioneered in the introduction of closed-circuit technology by providing an indirect heating system. Radian Solar Geysers solar water heating system is a heat exchanger. It is having a thermic fluid which heats the water in the tank and no deposition takes place. Stainless steel lined tank takes care of corrosion in the tank. The systems come with the long warranty period.

Commercial Solar Water Heating Systems

Our commercial compact unit ideal for mid segment guest houses, nursing homes, institutes, campuses etc. Needs less space than other units, is easy to install, jacketed tank and is well suited for large requirements at a given time. It is the best value for money product.

Pool Solar Heating

Pool heating system will be able to provide you with almost a constant pool temperature throughout the year. Water heater Collectors are single mould black polypropylene collectors. This eliminates any kind of  leakages and treated pool water does not have any effect on the collectors. Backed by the experienced and technical support by Radan the pool heating system comes with a comprehensive technical analysis. Our unique controller system not only heats the water in the winters but also help to maintain cools water during summers. Every installation is very carefully planned and executed to offer a long term warranty