Radian -Switches Traders and Dealers in Bangalore

Radian Engineering Solutions is One of the top Switches Distributors in Bangalore. We deals in wide range of Multi Brand high quality Switches.

Switches Dealers in Bangalore

For various uses in different structures Industrial /pharmaceutical / Health Care / Commercial / IT / Retail / Institutional / Banks / Hotels / Residential. We are currently into switches business according to your Electrical needs.

Radian offers light switches and outlets that suit all interiors and exteriors. The range of electrical sockets and switches are useful in protecting from unexpected shocks and surges. Be it beautifully crafted switches made from natural materials, ambient dimmer switches, or weatherproof sockets that can withstand extreme conditions, all solutions deliver convenience, connectivity, control, and safety to your home environment.

Why Radian for Switches Suppliers in Bangalore?

We deals in huge quantity of switches for all kinds of Electrical purposes. As we deal with a huge quantity of switches the price difference will vary from regular dealer from others and we have wide variety of Brands in switches for Different electrical uses and we will provide after-sales support for the products we sell. We are by far the best-switches Suppliers in Bangalore.

Best Quality of switches available with Radian Engineering Solutions Bangalore


Finolex-make “Finoswitch” is made of superior quality polycarbonate and silver cadmium oxide coated contact points, screws and terminals used in making of most modern switches. Finoswitchs is sage, durable & tested to last over 1,00,000 clicks. The switches are available with a unique fluorescent strip that glows in dark and acts as a guide.

Finoswitch Premium Range includes a range of Modular 10A & 20A Switches, 6A & 16A Sockets, Fan Regulators, Light Dimmers, Shaver Sockets, Card Operated Switches, Doorbells, Telephone Sockets, Computer Sockets, TV Sockets & more. Soon, based on consumer demand, Premium+ switch with traditional design will be added in our range.


GreatWhite finds its roots in passion for pioneering innovation. Its legacy provides unmatched inspiration, right from 1963 when it first introduced the Piano Switch to India. The design and engineering excellence derived from the perennial presence in the industry has been the inspiration while creating GreatWhite electrical wiring devices. Our switches speak of safety and design excellence made to suit the needs of the commercial as well as residential spaces. Our portfolio of brands are thoughtfully designed and introduced to appeal to a variety of audiences, right from the economy range to world class designer products. Through its multitude of offering- Myrah, Fiana, Tivoli and Petra, GreatWhite appeals to a wide audience base. Along with switches, GreatWhite electrical wiring devices also offers a wide choice of accessories including fan regulator/ Light Dimmer, Power Sockets, Indicator LEDs, Downlight, Time Delay and much more. Great white defines class, design and forward innovation in safe electrical wiring devices- a smart choice for the modern customer.